Product Idea

Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept 2018

Finally, a quality render.


Definitely looks better now.

A comparison.


So. I was asked to make a comparison of the lego model to the real one. Here it is:

Congratulations! 100 Supporter Milestone!


We have reached 100 supporters, but its not over yet.

I have a little gift for you guys. A piece of Toyota Supra GR art! Hope you enjoy.

Some news.


I will be uploading another lego speed champions styled car somewhere around the 100 supporter milestone of this project. 

A question.


I'd like to ask two things:

One: Do you think theres anything that could improve this model?

Two: Is there any other car that should have a lego set?


Write your answers in the comments and i'll make sure to read them.

Minifigure Update


A suggestion was made , and it didn't go unnoticed. Heres a minifigure that could go with the set.