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Cubes World Board Game

Welcome in Cubes World !
A board game where you need your logic to anticipate all the traps and find the treasure.
You are an explorer hunting crystals in this new world made of cubes.

Your goal : find a way to go on the cube with the crystal to pick it up and then reach the end square to finish the level.
It's not so easy : monster cubes eat you if you are in front of their teeth, sand cubes disappear when you tuch them.
You can push wood cubes and destroy stone cubes. Swing cubes can move when you are on them.
You can move of 1 square at a time and climb or down of 1 cube.

You have 3 tools : the pickax to destroy cubes, the ladder to climb or down of 2 cubes and the rope to go down of several cubes.
But you can use each tool only one time per game.
You need to analyze the board to know where you need it.

With the modular board and 8 kinds of cubes you can build a lot of levels of different difficulty.
Once you are familiar with the game you can create your own level and share it to see if other people can solve it.

4 games in 1 :
Adventure : 1 player
You can calmly find one of the solutions of the level. You just need to pick up the crystal and reach the end square.

Action : 1 player
Same than the adventure game but you have to find the best solution because the number of actions you can do is limited.

Builders Duel : 2 players
You create a level and your opponent has to solve it with only one try.

The Crystals Race : 2 players
You start with 0 cube on the board. Each turn you have to choose between move or add a cube on the board.
The first who collect the crystal of his opponent win.

I really enjoy creating tricky levels with Cubes World. I hope you will want to play with me !
I'm currently working on the detailed rules, so don't hesitate to give your feedback and help me improve this game.

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