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H.W. Toll Booth


Hello Lego fans and the Lego Ideas Team, This is Treetop 2017! I would like to share with you my new idea for a Lego City or just a Lego Set. There are 10 mini parts and one building in my idea. I will also explain all the parts and pieces, and all of the 10 mini parts.  This Idea is Called a H. W. Toll Booth. ​For everyone who does not know what the abbreviation H.W means High Way. So really the full name is High Way Toll Booth. The 10 mini parts are a High Way Toll Booth Employee time card, Credit Card, Checkbook, 2 H. W.  Toll Booth Passes, Lunch box, 2 white 100. bills, and 2 green 100 bills. Now we get to the sign outside of the H.W. Toll Booth and that says Toll and then have 1.00 sign next to it  . Also in the Toll Sign you have a sign holder with gray pipe and a yellow caution flashing light.The H.W.Toll Booth building inside , a cash register with cash draws that come out, a H.W. Toll Booth Reader for the H.W. Toll Booth Passes, a Credit/Checkbook reader, a receipt printer a computer, a white keyboard, a time clock, a red chair,  a payphone with holder and Telephone and a money deposit safe that opens to put the money into it. On the front of the H.W. Toll Booth  you have two clear windows, a window frame and window, On the side of the H.W. Toll Booth you have a window frame  with two small  yellow windows that open, you also have a blank yellow computer at the end of the H.W. Toll Booth.​On the Outside of the H. W. Toll Booth you have a blue and yellow roof, 2 security cameras, a sign holder with gray pipe and a red blinking signal, a yellow blinking signal, and a green blinking signal. This will tell you if the H. W. Toll Booth is Open or closed. You next have a  Highway road with yellow and whiter stripes down on it. The next to the last piece of this idea of mine is a speed limit sign. On the Highway you have a sign holder, a gray pipe, and a  blank white square sign for the speed limit. The last piece is a rectangle with a security camera holder and a white security camera taking pictures of the H.W. Toll booth window that opens. Also you have the Friendly and Smiling H.W. Toll Booth Attendent. I built this idea today while i had nothing to do, this set looks like a fun set to have and to add to any of the products that Lego makes in today's market. I really like to build Lego City ideas because they are easy to make for everyone, and my models and sets are suitable for all ages and people would have hours of fun playing if any are made into sets.  I did not add any other people, drivers, or  Lego City Vechiles  or any other  Lego Vechiles in this idea of mine so that you can add your own ones to it. I hope you will vote on this set, and tell your friends and family members that you voted on H.W. Toll Booth and Thanks. Have a Great Day and Thanks again!

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