Product Idea

Space Center

This is my series one finale, the space center. You can see many of my past projects coming together in this huge build. A modefied satellite launcher 2.0 and a heavily modefied rocket with rolling base. The satellite launcher rocket has a tall, slender design with large rocket engines. At the top, pieces used as composite fairing house a satellite like the ones in my other projects. The wider part including the cone-shaped part come off as the first stage. The other starship rocket is similar to the Space X BFR in that it has a cylindrical lower stage and fins/wings on the upper stage instead. The lower stage extends up to the first stretch of black but stops before the first red ring. Two astronauts can fit in the cockpit, which extends from the clear piece to the bottom of the top black part. It also features a detailed control panel. Scaffolding and platforms are included for each rocket. There is a small on-site radio telescope array to gather data and help plan launches for optimal conditions. The Space Center also features a rocket lab where workers are testing a rocket engine. To get around the large facility, the vehicles from the radio telescope are included, the van, and the ATV. This set has everything a future astronaut will ever need.