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Light bomber POLLO-I


Not too maneuverable ship, whose main task is to strike a particular purpose known. Like an owl, Pollo able to get to the target unnoticed. Ships of this class are not thrown into battle recklessly. Armament of this model is not rich, heavy weapons on the ship only 2 Particle Beams installation (front mods) and 2 installation Fusion beams (front mods). On the ship just installed Battle Scanner increases beam damage +50%.

The ship has three transformative modifications:

- Interstellar (for travel between planets and star systems)
- Surface flying mode (main mode in which they are being attack)
- Landing mode (folding wings can save space)

One-off mode:
- Emergency mode ( Falling from a height, the wings are separated from the body. Pollo-I turns into a small bathyscaphe with corrective small engines for a successful landing on the water. IMPORTANT: In this mode available only Fusion beams weapons!)

Guys, I engaged in assembling different models for my children. They play with pleasure. And this is my first model on this site. :)

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