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ZX-Rogue Speeder

This is a little hover speeder I made. It's an original design, can't say if I based it off of anything in particular really.
My inspirations mostly come from Star Wars as I'm a huge fan of the movies and have many many Star Wars Lego sets, both new and old.
This is the first of many projects I will be uploading to Lego Cuusoo.

Here's a look inside the cab. The "bubble" opens up an a two-tier hatch system; the window itself is held onto the cab surround by clips, while the surround is attached to the chassis on a 2x2 lever. Sorta cool as it adds an "unfolding" effect to opening the cab.
The forward lights can also be swiveled up and down.

This front view gives a better view of the streamline shape of the chassis. Also, you can see how the driver fits into the cab in this shot. Works with most basic round helmets, not the new fancy ones like the Starwars Clonetroopers or Pilot helmets though. Back packs also do not fit.

Rear view shows the thrusters and exhaust better. Can also see the hinge that holds the cab-surround in place. Back plate is also fixed with a 1x2 lateral hinge. That's a translucent blue vent in the middle there, for effect. I used old-style flight seats to hold the thrusters in place. :)

Anyways, hope you guys like it even if it doesn't go on to development. Like I said, this is the first of many projects I'll be adding over the next little while. I have several years worth of sets photographed and I'll probably be uploading most of them to my portfolio.
This one is rather recent, think I made it only a few months back.
One of my smallest projects though. I figure it would go easy for a $15-20 set, depending on how many extraneous characters and/or accessories were thrown in. Or it could be a part one of two type thing, reminiscent of the Speeder Chase set from Star Wars: EII. You decide ;)


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