Jurassic World Main Street Mayhem

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Jurassic World: Main Street Mayhem

Things are getting crazy in Jurassic Worlds shopping area, Pteranodons are attacking the parks visitors and causing havoc. Hide from the dinosaurs in the battle damaged shops, including Jurassic Traders, Ice Cream shop and the Adventurers Boutique!

Included in this set are five minifigures:

  • Owen
  • Claire
  • Zach
  • Gray
  • Zara

Right now they are the standard Lego figures, but i'm working on alternate battle worn versions.

Also include are two Pteranodons, which will be getting some custom skins if i have time.

The facade of the buildings have been constructed to resemble the actual set from the movie and the interiors of the shops are easily accessible from the back, the entire set flips open for easy access!

Play features include this and more:

  • Flying Pteranodon, turn the lever on the tower to have the dinosaur circle the building.
  • T-Rex battle damage, use multiple levers to simulate destruction and recreate the final battle.
  • Flip open main facade.
  • Push rocket falling lamps.
  • Lever controlled trap door.
  • Hidden weapons cache.
  • Destructible building windows.

The set will also include multiple custom decorations, and these will be revealed soon along with the custom minifigure versions.

The official Lego Jurassic World sets are great and if like me, you would love to see more. Click Support! and help me make this set a reality. Thanks