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Inn of the Prancing Pony


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Tired from a long journey across Middle Earth? Come and rest your tired head in the famous Inn of the Prancing Pony. You will be greeted by the kind, but busy innkeeper, Barliman Butterbur. He will show you to a warm bed and offer you a good pint of ale. When you have up in your cozy, soft feather bed, come on down to the common room and join the company of the other inn patrons, and of course, have some more of The Pony's famed ale.

This is the Inn of the Prancing Pony, where the hobbits meet Strider for the first time and also where Gandalf introduces the idea of a quest to Erebor to Thorin Oakenshield. A common room on the first floor with lots of tables and benches and ale, where good and bad company can be found. Also, a little room where the scene of Frodo first meeting Strider can reenacted. Stairs leading up to the second floor where most of the bedrooms are as well as some above on the third floor under the roof.

The Pony is hinged at one end and can be opened up to give greater playability. To add to that, each floor can be removed from the one it is on, opening up the top and giving access to rooms and such. This idea has over 2000 pieces counting minifigs.

The minifigures would be (in order the order shown in the picture):

  • Mr. Underhill (Frodo Baggins)
  • Pippin
  • Hobbit patron
  • Barliman Butterbur
  • Strider (Aragorn)
  • 2 Men patrons (one can be Peter Jackson with his carrot)
  • 2 Black Riders and their horses

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