Product Idea

Ski Cabin

The Idea
This build is based off of a real cabin in Vermont and I thought it would be a perfect build to become a Lego idea set. The cabin contains two bedrooms, two bathrooms a living room, a kitchen, two decks, and a hot tube. It also has two floors and you can take the second floor off and move the roof panels up to access the second floor.

Details and Minifigures
As for in depth detail:

The living room/TV room:
Two couches a flat screen TV, a fireplace, TV remote, a book shelf, and a coffee table with a pizza box. Across from that it has Stairs, Washing Machine closet under the stairs and four helmet holders on the wall.

Bedroom on the first floor:
It contains a Bunk Bed and a Drawer with a Blue Lamp

Bathroom on the first floor:
The Bathroom has a Mirror, a Toilet and a Sink

The Kitchen holds a Microwave, A Refrigerator, Some Cabinets, a Sink, a Blender and an oven

Second Floor Bedroom:
The Bedroom Has a Queen bed with a tiny drawer with a purple lamp, another drawer with a TV and Newspaper

Second Floor Bathroom:
This bathroom Has a Toilet, a sink and a Bathtub

Other Details:
On the side of the House there is a Hot tub, a moose head on the wall above the door, and a Ski rack next to the ramp.

A Father in a Green Jacket, a Mother in a light blue Jacket, two children and a dog