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Bed And Breakfast


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This is my first project.

My Project is a Bed and Breakfast hotel. It's a simple way to stay overnight when you're driving far. It's one of the Finest hotels in Lego City, and there's always good service.

The Hotel has three floors

On the first Floor is the breakfast room, Front Desk, and a kitchen

On the second Floor are two rooms. In both rooms, you can find a bed and a little chest.

On the top Floor are there also two rooms, where you can find a bed and chest.

Each room have one balcony and two windows. 


6 Minifigures, 4 Rooms, 3 Floors, Breakfast at the 1st floor, 4 Balconies, Front desk, Kitchen.


I made it because I love to build with Lego and I will continue. 

I hope you enjoy my Project