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Mission Apollo 17


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                                              The NASA Apollo 17 Mission out of Lego!


This project will be presented in September 2016 at BrickJournal magazine # 41, as part of a special edition about space! :-)

Recreate at a minifigure-scale (1:40), the whole Apollo 17 Moon landing with all its features and glory.
Fly the flag of the United States.
Analyze the moon surface.
After that take a ride with the Moon buggy to explore the Moon landscape.
Finally it is time to say good bye to the Moon and fly back to Earth.



  • The Lunar Module LM:

It has 718 bricks and full interior with control devices, a seat and much more.
On the exterior it has many moveable antennas, an exit door and a playability access to the inside.
The landing gear is retractable and there is also some storage room for the
Lunar Rover and research equipment.

  • The Control Module CM:

It has 527 bricks and includes seats for all three astronauts, dashboard with control computers, detailed interior with oxygen tanks, four playability access doors and open able entrance/exit port for the astronauts.

  • The Lunar Rover Vehicle LRC:

It is built out of 100 bricks and has working steering, two foldable seats for the astronauts, TV-camera, steering-joy-stick and holders for research devices.

  • The Service Module SM:

This version out of Lego pieces has 488 bricks.
It can be attached to the CM.
Furthermore it features a playability access to the technical area and film storage.

  • The crew:

It includes five minifigures: all three astronauts: Ronald Evans, Eugene Cernan and Harrison H. Schmitt in flying suits (in the CM) and Eugene Cernan + Harrison Schmitt in space suits (on the Moon Buggy)

  • The stand:

Is built out of 288 bricks.
You can put the CSM on it.
It also includes a small piece of Moon surface with rocks and craters.

  • Information booklet:                                                                                                                         The set will also include a booklet with interesting information about the Apollo 17 mission here:  



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