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Lego UNDERTALE Chara Brickheadz


Hi Guys!

So, after a Batman Brickheadz my sister bought, I got Determination (and inspiration too) to create a CHARActer from UNDERTALE. They're supposed to hold a knife or a chocolate bar, even if it looks like a brush.

What is UNDERTALE? (Spoilers!!)

In UNDERTALE, you're a missing child who falls in the Underground, a place dominated by friendly monsters. During your journey, you must become friend with the monsters, instead of killing them.

You will also play the game one, two, three and even four times!

Note: I will make Frisk, Alphys, Sans and Mettaton with the time, but not all of them together.

If you submit, thanks! If you not, you're gonna have a bad time.


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