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DC Universe - BatMech X [batman mecha]

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When the fate of Gotham City is at stake, and the Batmobile, Batplane or Batcycle just aren't powerful enough, Batman can call in his latest weapon - the BatMech!

This set is a sturdy T-Bar jointed mecha unit that would probably suit medium to advance builders. Chest insignia is actually a detachable Batarang that the pilot Batman can use.

NB: As LDD does not have the correct decals for Batman I've used a plain black clad minifig with Batman's helmet just to demonstrate what the final product might look like.

Note the guns positioned on each forearm, these can be rotated to be in attack or off-line modes.

Rear wings can be folded in to give greater range of movement.

Side view to show more detail.

Heroic pose.

Long time followers of my gallery on Brickshelf and MOCpages will note that the basic frame is my previous X Series hardsuit design. Looks pretty good on old Bruce don't it...

Batman is copyright Warner Brothers and DC Comics.

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