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The RMTSV5 is poseable has a openable cockpit and comes with one minifigure. If you wish some thing to be added I will surely think about it.

The mech is a build which I took forever to make due to the unstable feet. My originals where mk1 "the pole" due to it needing a pole to stand up. Mk2 was the "stiff behemoth" because of its humongous size and un poseable legs. Mk3 was the "Skeletor because that's the first mech to use my new spine Mk4 was "chicken of destruction" because it looked like a chicken (for real!) and could stand but was unstable like a drunk chicken but was a little poseable it just liked "searching corn" as I call it but really it was just a meal function that showed what a human could do with no muscles. And finally the Mk5 was the mech you see before you the poseable mech the goal I was trying to reach this is RMTSV5.

"Roaming Multi Tasking Scout Vessle"