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Heavy Loader


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Here is another recommendation for a new LEGO product. This Heavy Loader was the result of doing some spring cleaning on my son's Lego models. He had a bunch of Lego he wasn't playing with so we tore it all apart to see what new things we could make. While he was building his own version of the “Marvel's Sandman” construction yard, I decided his new set needed a heavy loader. Some of the goals I was trying to keep on this model were to have it look like a “Lego City" styled model and to have it very pose-able and functional as a real Heavy Loader. The bucket will hold position on its own and tilt and raise. The model steering is fully articulated just like the real thing too.
I used the Bulldozer from Lego set #60074 as a guide. As you can see from the final picture the sizes and look are very similar.

The completed model looked quite good so I decided to convert it into a Lego Designer project. I then checked to see if there were any current models like this for sale and there wasn't. I didn't really see anything similar on the Lego Idea pages either so I'm submitting this one and I hope people like it as much as I do.

Model dimensions are 9 inches long, 4 inches wide and 5 inches high and 218 total pieces.
Thanks for viewing!

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