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TDK Bat Pod ver 2.0


batpod ver 2,0 - edited by zero
zero is the nickname I use online. No knee plate, I made batpod previous ver 1.0 to ver 2.0 to add the complete batpod own installation was made​​.
Front wheels rotate 360 degrees, and does not interfere with any Paint colors by using a series of silver paint metal actual batpod like.

This scene shows a little more detail representation of shapes and colors batpod actual sitting position.
Also, Batman, the important part here is placing the knees and feet

Fabulous façade to part batpod Lego representation of the expressions.

In this case, the two points.
Bar two were connected by the first line that connects the front and batpod body to resemble the actual batpod to
The second handle portion. Handle
Batman is actually grabbing the handle vertically batpod to express the tab of Lego parts, Lego Figures Batman ride batpod ver 2.0, when
Actual and vertical grip was so catch In addition, the internal ear covers are metal painted silver color, using black brick color representation.

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