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Injustice: LEGO Among Us


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First off, this is not a request for a video game; it is a lego board-ish game.

Injustice is a super hero game launched in April 3 2013, and is for IOS and consoles.

The lego set I propose will have a game arena, and several characters. It would be a lego game, not a video game, and the idea came to me as a combination of 7257 Ultimate lightsaber Duel, and Heroica (for the life losing system). Pictured at the bottom are several angles of the arena, showing how the rods are connected. Updates for specific arenas and levels will be added later in updates. (Such as the Batcave, the Fortress of Solitude, and the streets of gotham city.)

Characters included are named in pictures.

How to play: Knock the opponent off of their stands. Each time they are knocked off one life (Red pieces on either side) is lost, players get 6 in total. If players wish, additional characters can be stored on sides of arena (Pictured), so it can be like the mobile version of the game. Special attacks have not been created yet, but updates will be coming.

Possibly a new Big-Fig for Doomsday will be added later.

I hope you like my set, and please support and share, Thanks in advance!

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