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Mini Winter House


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Hey guys it's Joebrotwinkc and today I'm back with a new Lego idea, Mini Winter House

This set has 34 pieces                                                                                                                                 8 pieces for the snowman, 22 for the house and 4 for the rest.

  • ​Play features
  • A door you can open and close

I build this really by accident

So I was building a candy machine, and it had a slope so then I thought of a house and that's the idea!

I think this should become a Lego ideas Set because

  1. There aren't any Lego ideas sets that are small
  2. It would look nice as I little build during the Winner

If you agree then click that support button to the left. This is Joebrotwinkc signing of bye!

Note this was I reupload so if you still want it to be a Lego ideas set click the support button!

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