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Johnny Thunder Legacy Beach House, Captain Golden Leg’s Treasure.


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First of all, please check out the comics I made which were inspired by some of the old Orient Expedition building instructions.

The story:

To: Thomas
Subject: Johnny Thunder legacy beach house, Captain Golden Leg’s treasure.

Dear Thomas,
I hope this email finds you well. You may be wondering who is this mysterious guy, and what does this subject mean? Well, I am Mike, and I am the "rich uncle" that many people dream of. Except, I'm not wealthy, but for a long time, I thought I was the only remaining member of the Thunder family, until I found you. I am sure you have heard about the great adventurer and explorer Johnny Thunder. Well, we are his last descendants. His last well-known adventure was the Orient expedition, but only a few know about the next one, as it was the only unfinished mission he had. It was about Captain Golden Leg and his unique treasure. He was a notorious pirate in the Caribbrick sea, known for his collection of artificial legs made from various materials such as wood and ABS polymer (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). Obviously, the most memorable is the pure gold one.. As you can imagine, the golden-leg was extremely heavy and relatively soft, so he did not really wear it. One of his fellow pirates painted a picture for him, and after that, he decided to hide the original golden-leg. Until this day, no one has been able to find the golden-leg.

The great Johnny Thunder found one of Captain Golden-Leg’s boats, most of the artificial legs, the painting and, part of the map which probably leads to the unique treasure. Unfortunately, this expedition ended there. Later, the Lego City Council decided they wanted to thank Johnny for his extreme amount of help in protecting the world’s most valuable items from treasure hunters, so they gave him a special gift. During his Captain Golden-Leg adventure, he discovered plenty of new islands in the Caribbrick sea, so the Council randomly picked a beautiful one, built a small house on it, filled it with replicas of memorable items and relics from Johnny's adventures and gave it to Johnny. There is also a lockable room at the back with Captain Golden Leg's stuff, and the keys are hidden somewhere on the island. The part of the treasure map that Johnny found is now in the Brickstory museum, and he kept a copy of it in a safe somewhere in the house. It was rumored in our family that you need a "leg copy” to open it. I do not know what that means.
I did not pay too much attention to this legend until last week when I found the rest of the map completely by accident in an antique shop. I will give it to you, so all you need to do is find the part Johnny hid in his safe to complete the map.

Recently, I started a new life, as I want to pursue my dream of becoming a chemical engineer. So, the house and the island are all yours. I spent a lot of good years there, so it’s time to let others enjoy it. If you want to find the keys, open the safe, and find the unique treasure, I endorse you. But if you just want to enjoy the island, the spectacular view, and the beautiful house, it’s okay as well. The isle is all yours.
One more thing. I must warn you, one of Lord Sam Sinister's descendants, Jake, decided to follow his ancestor's path. Somehow, he became aware of the second part of the map, so he stole the original first part from the Brickstory museum. For some reason, he calls himself Sam Jr., and he will likely show up on your island with his loyal partner Ducky Jr., who is a duckling.
Good luck, have fun!

About the set:

  • The house:
The house consists of two floors. On the ground floor, there is a kitchen, a living room, and a separate bathroom. Additionally, there is a photo developing room located next to the bathroom. Upstairs, there is a spacious bedroom with a balcony. There is also a lockable safe located behind a picture in the bedroom. At the back of the house, there is another lockable room.

  • The characters:
Sam jr. (Jake)
Dr. Matias
Ducky jr.

  • Functional parts
The safe and door lock are fully functional, and there is also a secret compartment in the bookself.

1.The mechanism of the door lock can be easily understood from the attached gif. (First gif)

2.The safe:
There is a freely moving part that blocks the safe compartment in the basic position. By pushing the appropriate part, it lifts the moving section, allowing the safe compartment to be pulled out. (Ducky is not needed.) (Second gif)

3.The secret compartment. (Third Gif)

  • The Comics
I enjoyed the unique comics that were included in some orient expedition sets as part of the building instructions. So, I tried to make a similar one myself.

  • Why do I think this would be a great set?
My friends and I were huge Adventurers fans, and we played for hours creating all kinds of expeditions. You were just there with your friends, enjoying the moment, and nothing else really mattered. I wanted to bring back these good old memories with those unique Lego parts, and maybe it will help to relive some forgotten moments.
I had a lot of fun building this set: checking my old sets for potential easter eggs, creating a fun backstory, and searching online for other memorable parts. How many references can you find?

I think everybody can find something likable in this build, not just Adventurers fans. The house also functions as a stand-alone beach house without the backstory, so it can be displayed.

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