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Jurassic Park Jeep


Drive around Jurassic Park in this mini replica of the Jeep from the first movie. My main motive for designing this model was just the fact that I didn't really like the official LEGO Jurassic World version. It's oversized, features un-needed flick-fire missiles and it just doesn't do justice to the beauty of the original vehicle. Despite all of this however, LEGO's version of the Jeep in their video game does do justice to it so that is what I based this model on.

The model has enough room on the inside for one driver and a passenger or cargo to sit in the back allowing you to recreate the scene where Dr Sattler and Muldoon rescue Dr Malcom after the Tyrannosaur attack. If you were to put a passenger in the back it will not sit down properly because in my model there is a 2x2 plate with a stud in the middle, I put this there to make it easier to put a crate in the back but this problem can be easily fixed.

Another problem I have with this model is the spare tire. It cannot be used to replace the actual wheels on the Jeep but I tried it with one of those tires and it was way too big so this seemed like a reasonable compromise.

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