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HMS Surprise


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My own design of one of the famous British ships from the Georgian or Napoleon period in time. This ship is featured in the movie of Master and Commander where it was this British ship vs. the French. She is a replica build of a 18th century 20 gun 6th rate frigate built in 1970.

I've built this model to scale as much as I can get it apart from the gun count, I'll do a update in time that will have the amount of guns and the size of them to scale as much as I can get them.

The model does have a captains cabin at the stern of the ship, a gun deck, detailed masts and moving rudder. The only things that aren't on the model is the rigging and the sails because I don't know what to use for them and how to build them so if any one has any ideas feel free to post them in the comments.

The model currently contains around 2342 pieces

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