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Maniac Mansion - The Edison Mansion


After the Lego Scumm Bar from The Secret of Monkey Island (have you supported it? The best images are in the Updates page), I decided to realize another graphic adventure masterpiece by LucasArts and Ron Gilbert, released in 1987: Maniac Mansion.

Relive the atmosphere within the mansion of the Edison's family. Help the hero, Dave Miller, to save his girlfriend, Sandy Pantz, falled into Dr Fred's clutches, with the help of his friends.

The Maniac Mansion set include the minifigures:

  • Dr Fred: mad scientist
  • Dave Miller: main character, looking for his girlfriend.
  • Sandy Pantz: cheerleader and Dave's girlfriend.
  • Bernard Bernoulli: nerd.
  • Razor: female punk rocker.
  • Wendy: aspiring novelist.
  • Jeff Woodie: surfer.
  • Syd: New Wave musician.
  • Michael F. Stoppe: photographer.

And don't miss the Tentacle!!

This set is inspired to the Mansion but actually contains only few rooms (I thought that put all the rooms would have been too many).

This build will only happen with your help! So, if you love Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island and the other LucasArts adventure games, support this project and help us to spread the word! Most important thing: your support is totally free. There is NO cost or obligation to purchase.

So, have a nice supporting!!! And remember to support Lego Monkey Island, too :)

P.S.: If you would like to see this pictures in high resolution, please CLICK HERE!

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