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Fire Station



What's up everyone and thanks for stopping by to check out my Modular Fire Station. I'm a big fan of building these type of structures and decided to create a fire station that you would see around your friendly neighborhood.


This build was created in LDD (Lego Digital Designer) because of the massive number of parts. 2464 pieces went into this build and was quite tedious. There are many different architectural features around the building especially in the front of the left section of the station. Placing arches in front of the windows creates a modular feel and a professional look.

The left section is two stories. The first story is more of a relaxing place for the firefighters. The second story contains a place where the fighters can lay down after a long day at work and of course use the restroom!

The structure outside of the station on the right is a water tower. The roller from a cement truck was placed vertically to create a water-tank like structure.

The garage contains two spots for rescue vehicles which are not included. Plenty of space for firefighter gear is around.

The roof contains Air Conditioning Units and vents to keep the workers cool in the summer and cozy in the winter.

Why a Fire Station?

The reason I built a fire station is because both adults and children can enjoy this set. Adults can adore the fantastic features and details that make it "real" and children can play for hours in their own fire station. Your support can get your hands on your own fire station that you will surely enjoy! Make sure to support my project and many more to come!

Brick On!



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