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Terraria: The Jungle


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Terraria is a fun survival game where you can do practically anything.  My LEGO idea is a depiction of the jungle, on of my favorite environments.

Why should you support?

Hopefully because you like Terraria and the model, or if you like the model but not Terraria, or if you like Terraria but don't like the model.  After all I'm sure a fellow Terrarian would support if it means LEGO Terraria could exist.

Why would Terraria would make a great LEGO set?

  • The game's graphics are very pixelated, making for good compatibility with LEGO
  • Minecraft got LEGO, so why not Terraria?
  • A LEGO Terraria set might even inspire Minifigure vanity clothing in the game's next update! :D

If you like the project, please share with friends on social media, or just by word of mouth, because sharing is important if we're ever going to get off the ground.

Any requests?  Just comment and I'll try and make something!  Although I don't have any fancy decorations, I'll do my best.

Another big question is whether or not LEGO Terraria should have minifigures.  This would save a lot of work on accessories, but backround walls would have to be much further back in a Minifig-Scale, so Microfigures make an excellent choice.

I would like to give thanks to jmjt4 for helping with the tree design and giving me some feedback.

I know my project isn't very big and impressive, but LEGO Terraria must happen, so if you like the game but don't this particular project, make your own and give the idea another chance.



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