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Engine 1


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The idea for engine 1 came to me on YouTube, there were many models of steam engines and there was also Lego models too. You can run the engine on positive pressure or a vacuum, the engine is a rocking valved engine. This means that the piston moves the air intake located on the back of the tower by rocking the (for a lack of a better word) cylinder (even though it is a  rectangular prism) back and forth letting air contact the piston. The engine is also a one phase, this means that the power stroke is only pushed down by the air not lifted back up like a 2 phase would be. The two tires act as a fly wheel to keep the engine turning because the engine is not a 2 phase. The piston is made of a 2 x 2 square brick and the prism around it is made to be strong and have the smoothest surface possible.  

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