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LEGO City News, Television Station


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Here is a new creation. I hope you find it complete.
It's been a few years since LEGO did not release a set of reporters, TV ...
Hence my proposal to complete the cities.

--- Suggestions ---
Small personal reflection:
- It is possible to easily add a mailbox to the right or left of the entrance, I realized that I am missing after many images worked.
- It is very easily possible also to render it "modular" by avowing clips on each side and removing the berries.
- It is also possible to add a stage to add the missing parts (video editing, creation of the newspaper, Weather )
I did not do this last part because I was afraid to make the project too ambitious  (4 floors)
- Here is proposed a new LEGO logo at the same time as this project. Personal creation with photoshop.

---The description---

LEGO CITY NEWS features LEGO CITY's most popular TV channel and newspaper.

LEGO LCN is a complete set of journalist, it gathers the 2 parts of the trade:
- LCN TV (TV report)
- LCN NP => NewsPapers (report for the newspaper)

You are part of the LEGO City News team and you are in the starting blocks to relay information from LEGO City to everyone.
To do this, you have in the team:
- The helicopter with its pilot to film the pursuit races, to guide the teams on the ground to go to a place as soon as possible ...
- The reporting truck with the woman journalist and the cameraman / driver ready to leave as quickly as possible on all sectors to cover.
They all have the necessary equipment to work at best for photos, interviews ...

In LCN QG, there is everything you need to develop your Tallent to become a journalist:
The hostess who answers the phone and greets visitors.
LCN is protected by a police officer who manages security.
Design your own news and become the kings of journalists!
Are you going to be the best journalist of the year?

This set has a lot of details.
The 3-storey building has the following features:

Outside -

    Building Logo / Road Sign
    Small gardens on each side of the entrance
    Mosaic pavement in the sidewalk
    A building with a modern look

Ground floor -

    Two sliding glass doors that open automatically
    Inside the lobby is a statue in memory of the creator of LCN to motivate the staff to become the best journalists and impress visitors every day.
    Security Office with agent and hidden cameras at each strategic location
    A hostess with her office
    A shooting room (photo for report or photo shoot for the newspaper)
    A parking space for the van

Step 1 -

    An open space with 4 offices
    The director's office
    An airlock for the recording studio to avoid noise pollution
    A recording studio for the newspaper, interviews or other
    A recording and broadcasting room for the TV channel

Last floor - Roof -
    An airstrip for the helicopter
    Solar panels with system to power the building
    A hot water tank equipped with a solar system to heat the water
    A large transmitting antenna
    A lower receiving antenna

This scene is composed of:

* Other
- 1 reporter's van consisting of:
   * foldable roof antenna with 360 ° rotation
   * 2 stations inside, one to work the reports and one to receive or to emit thanks to the roof antenna
   * 2 cameras on foot
   * 2 microphones
   * A pair of binoculars
   * A talkiewalkie
   * 2 lights on battery stand for interviews
   * A camera with a powerful lens
   * a hygiaphone

- 1 helicopter with these two integrated cameras
- 4 gaming platforms (ground floor, 1st floor, roof, and garage platform.
- antennas on the roof (rotation 360 °)
- 3 solar panels
- 1 solar hot water tank
- 1 statue in the entrance
- 1 photo studio on the ground floor
- 1 WC
- 1 surveillance office
- 1 TV room upstairs
- a TV show recording tray upstairs

* Characters
- 10 characters
   * 1 woman journalist (van)
   * 1 driver / cameraman
   * 1 secretary
   * 1 Helicopter pilot
   * 1 police officer
   * 1 cameraman, Photographer for studios
   * 1 director of the newspaper
   * 1 TV presenter
   * 2 journalists

* Accessories
- 1 photocopier
- 2 large complete offices (telephone, computer etc.)
- Several furniture
- a coffee machine
- 1 TV studio camera
- 2 TV spots
- 1 TV studio lighting
- 1 micro-TV studio perch
- 1 studio TV studio
- 1 work chart
- 1 full director's office
- Sliding doors at the entrance

And many other things to discover ...

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