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Ninjago - Endings


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A recreation of a scene from the show Ninjago, masters of spinjizu! (season 10 ep 4/ ep 98)

What is it?
It is a set idea for season 10 - The march of the Oni. It is a recreation of one of the final scenes when the ninja face the whole of the Oni army, it involves many heroes from previous seasons of the show and is more of a display piece for older fans, as the ground is relying on gravity to keep it in place and if the model is turned upside down, the paving stones will fall out and are hard to reposition.

Why did you build it?
Originally, I built for this model for the minifigures in battle contest, but I didn't win, so I thought not to waste such a nice model that I spent so much time and care on. I thought for the Ninjago community on here would love to support this and get it to 10K!
I wanted a way to express many building techniques, such as: The brown paving stones, sloping rocks leading up to the monastery, and the door being half upside down, because I was missing two pieces I changed it to make it even more cool! (check out the last photo to show how the door was constructed half upside down!)
It has about 500 bricks at the moment.
Minifigures include: Omega, an oni soldier, Kai, Nya, Zane and sansei Wu.

Why do you think this would make a great LEGO set?
As season 10 only got an Oni minifigure pack, I think that such an amazing season needed more than a few legacy sets that could do for a small recreation. (not ideal)
Older fans that like Ninjago usually want more of a display piece of a recreation of a scene or battle, so I decided to make a display piece to go on a shelf to impress other fans that would appreciate the complexity of the model. I think others would like a model like this to appreciate and build as a real set as that has quite a lot of novelty to make a lego model (parents or grandparents would also probably like to help there child/grandchild make a set and share memories. the model on a shelf may remind them the memory and that it is special and because it is a display and not really a toy. I think the pricing of the model should be about £35/$45/€40 as it should be an affordable set for children or others buying the set.

Time will tell, maybe adding more stability for moving the model or on small changes to the model and supporter boundary updates. (maybe a video if you want me to)

Note from the designer
Thank you very much for looking at this project. It would be very appreciated if you pressed that supporter button and shared it with friends (It's free!) and I hope you have an amazing day. Send me a comment or some feedback to my design to fit your needs in the future! Lets get to 10K! Please check out my other projects and my Flickr for other cool models. (link on my profile)
Thanks again,
WakandanGecko7 :D