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Watchtower of the Ruined Castle (Lonely Fortress 4)


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lonely fortress 4
It is a small fortress made of broken rubble, a key battle point, and has an important duty to grasp the enemy's dynamics and to contact the headquarters as soon as possible.
Most of the castle was destroyed in past battles, leaving only a small fortress. It was repaired and rebuilt as it was a strategic location.It was a bit of a nice extension because it was a fortress that was too combative. Of course, built a tower to scout far away. They have different colors.

The first floor was made up of two stairs going up, weapons and a restaurant.

When you go up the second floor, arrows are mainly located. It was filled with simple household items, a bed, and a quiver. One wall was opened so that one could see inside.

The third floor and the tower are also connected by ladders. Overall, the interior was not densely filled. Since you have to face the enemy with a small number of soldiers, you have to endure with minimal supplies.

At the top of the circular tower, scouts are constantly monitoring the surroundings.
In order to prepare for the search in front, the search squad prepares the vehicle.With the spearmen guarding the front door. bunks in each direction
Arrow soldiers all over the fortress.
Because of them, the country can go about their daily lives with peace of mind.

Each part is made in a modular form that can be separated.

it's used 2795 block(studio 2)

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