Product Idea

At Grandma Yaga's

Loosely based on Baba Yaga, a character in Slavic folklore, Grandma Yaga is a wildlife photographer moving around the forest in the hut-on-chicken-legs together with her friends Bones, Owl and Cat. The cart carries Grandma Yaga's mortar and the broom. Bones also loves taking a ride in it.

The hut is attached to a pair of articulated legs. Also, it can turn around the vertical axis. The roof is openable. The ladder lets Grandma Yaga take neat pictures from the second floor.

In the hut there are a stove, two drawers and a stove-bench. On the second level there's a phone, a radio, some potions.

If Grandma Yaga wants to make sure the hut is in the place where she left it, she parks it in the lovely parking spot with all those flowers and small wildlife creatures so the hut doesn't feel lonely. It especially enjoys Frog's visits.