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Network Rail Track Review and Cleaning Train


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This is a Network Rail Track Review and Cleaning Train HST (high speed train). This sort of train is rare in the UK, and even rarer in this version, without any non-NR locos.

With a Class 43 diesel electric loco on either side, it has the horsepower to go fast while it does it's job, enabling it to cover more track in a shorter space of time. The carriages are manned by Network Rail personnel and use lasers, cameras and other special equipment to measure the contact between rails, wheels and overhead power lines, apart from the carriage in picture 6. That is also manned by crew but is used to clean the tracks of any debris. The crew member is there to shut down the vacuum if anything goes wrong or, for example, a live animal is caught in the tank.

There are 919 pieces and 7 minifigs. 

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