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Classic Doctor Who U.C.S.


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The Set:

There are a lot of episodes in the Classic Doctor Who series (even more than in the new show) so I tried to capture as many elements from it as I could. With over 3500 pieces the Classic Doctor Who U.C.S. displays many moments of the popular British show and can be easily displayed in any lego collection.


The Builds:

Without including the characters this set has four separate builds:

* The Tardis Console Room

* Besse

* A Coat Rack


The Characters:

The set includes 28 characters from the Classic Doctor Who show who would all be exclusive to this set except for K-9.

The Minifgures include:

* 1st Doctor

* 2nd Doctor

* 3rd Doctor

* 4th Doctor

* 5th Doctor

* 6th Doctor

* 7th Doctor

* 8th Doctor

* Susan Foreman

* Jamie McCrimmon

* Lizz Shaw

* Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart

* Sarah Jane Smith

* Vislor Turlough

* Melanie Bush

* Ace

* Cyberman X2

* Cyberman Leader

* 12 Master Incarnation

The Character Builds Include:

* K-9

* Davros

* 1960's Dalek X2

* Dalek MK. 3 X2

* Special Weapons Dalek



* A working Besse build

* Over 76 new printings

* 21 Exclusive Minifigures


Thank you for taking your time to check this project out. Please support and tell your friends about it.

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