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Mission Crespace


This is Mission Crespace, a micro scale journey beyond our stars. 

Thanks for checking this out fellow Ideas members! I created both the Crespace 1.0 and 1.1 for the Into the Stratosphere activity, and was inspired to create an Idea based off the two. I’ll go ahead and describe for you the individual models.

Crespace 1.0: The 1.0 is a mobil space station designed to explore the depths of space, and report findings back to the headquarters.

Crespace 1.1: The 1.1 is a large living quarters that contains a few station and lab features, but mostly just provides an extraterrestrial home for explorers.

Crespace 1.2: The 1.2 is a reaper/refuel station meant for mostly minor fixes or adjustments. 

Crespace -1: The negative series is Crespace’s satellite mission and, though the two do help each other, is not that active in the mission beyond our stars. 

Crespace Rockets: The rockets are, of course, the pathway from earth to space. They are mainly used for carrying supplies. Crespace is still in the work of creating their mega rocket, a deep space exploration machine, and will launch it via update.

Anyways I hope you like my project! Please support and follow me!

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