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Iron Man Suit Remover


Iron Man is definitely one of the best super heroes. So I have made him his awesome suit remover from the avengers movie. This device comes out of the ground and slides along with him on it to remove his suit. While the devise rides along the rails the floor opens up so it can pass. This would be a cool set because no one has made anything like it. I think a lot of Iron Man fans would purchase this set .

this set is also cool because it can bend around to take off the suit and to enclose into the floor. It bends up in a circle around the gray circular piece to make the device look real like the floor. This is probably one of the coolest things I have come up with in a long while. This set is also color coded to match the avengers tower.

Finally this project is very strong and firm so it will not break easily if it falls. You really don't find lego sets like that that are strong enough to endure a fall. That is my last reason of why this idea would make a great lego set.

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