Product Idea

Agents Mothership

This is the Agents Spaceship! This is the Agents state of the art shuttle. It consists of a spaceship, a mothership that can deploy the smaller ship, and one never before seen agents minifigure!

This is the smaller spaceship. It has a large black engine that powers that and the mothership. The cockpit can open.

This is the mothership. The smaller ship can fit in the front of this very nicely. On the bottom, it has landing gear that stands up with or without the smaller ship. It has engines like the other ship. It also has flick fire missiles in the back.

This is it wih the main function in action. The sides turn and when the smaller spaceship is in the mothership, the small spaceship deploys from the mothership as if it is taking of from it.

This is the smaller ship's interior. The minifigure fits snugly in the cockpit and is not attatched to the base because its a hassle when you try to pull the minifig out and the hair, head, or legs came off. With this design, the minifig will always came out of the cockpit in one piece. Behind the cockpit there is the large black engine. That powers this ship and the mothership. Thank you so much for taking a look at my projects! Dont forget to take a look at my other projects, too! Please support and feel free to give me suggestions on what project to do next and any changes to this project to make it better! Once again, thanks!