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Starbucks Coffee Modular


This is my Starbucks one-story modular project. I hope you enjoy it!

From the front of the model, I used a light gray and brown color scheme like many of the real coffee shops also do. I also have a ramp on the left side leading up to some flower boxes at the door. Moving to the inside, I have some seating and shelves on the right to place mugs, coffee packages, etc. On the left, I have some posters like you see in many of the stores, advertising their coffee. A little farther over on the left, there is a station with straws, napkins, and Starbucks cards too. When you look towards the back of the modular, you can see the counter with a cash register and a pastry case with a croissant in the window. On the back wall, there is a few coffee machines as well as a water dispenser, a milk carton, and a few flavoring dispensers. There is a microwave on the right, and a larger coffee maker on the left. The back wall finishes out with some more posters and a menu.

I have been working with the parts I have, so I might be updating this design if I make changes. For example, I only had red chairs at the time so I used them, but I hope to get black or brown chairs in the future. Thank you for everyone's support! This could be the next modular set and YOU can make that possible!

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