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SWTOR The First Blade

This set is based on the computer game Star Wars The Old Republic. Here, you are a jedi consular, and you are at an ancient temple seeking the hilt of the First Blade, the first Jedi lightsaber. However, in order to obtain the hilt, the temple droid guards asign you to a test. Do you have what it takes to weild the First Blade?

Within the ancient temple, you find the tomb stone that hides the hilt of the First Blade. As you inspect the hilt, one of the temple guards aproaches you, and teaches you the history of the First Blade. He then asigns you on a test to see if you are worthy to take the hilt.

The first part of the test involves fighting a few of the temple guard. Once you defeat them, you must aproach a stone plate in the ground. When you aproach it, an ancient training droid breaks through the twin doors and attacks. When you defeat the droid, you have passed the test. You may go and retrieve the hilt.

As with my set, SWTOR Khem Val, this set would come with a random minifigure, chosen out of these five. The species shown are Human, Miraluka (there would be a blindfold over where her "eyes" are because her species has no eyes), Mirialan, Twi'lek, and Zabrak.

Here is the other side of the set.

I really hope you enjoy this set. It is one of my favorite sets of the SWTOR series. More of the series will be coming later.

Here is a video with this scene:
First Blade Test

If you have any suggestions of changes that I could/should make, please let me know.

May the force be with you, and may this set reach ten thousand.

Edition 2.0 Update: December 10, 2013. 13 supporters.
Additions: Vegetation, new entry way, updated Temple Guard droids.

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