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Audi Quattro S1


Audi Quattro S1

This is my idea of the Quattro S1, a model like the Porsche GT3 but for nostalgic Audi fans. It has open open and closeable doors, hood and trunk. The trunk includes the massiv air cooler, a window and the huge wing. On both sides you can see the huge air intakes infront of the backwheels. In the inside of the car are a rollcage, two seats, the gear selector, the handbrake, the steering wheel and the dashboard. In the engine bay is the famous 5 cylinder engine. You can see the glowing downpipes and two turbines which represent the turbo. Under the car you can spot the exhaust and the AWD system. The engine is connected to the two differentials of the AWD system. Behind the wheels you can see the brake discs. On the top is a brick to turn the front wheels and the steering wheel.


I think it is a cool project, because the Audi is a famous car which has a long history and there would be many people who would like to have such a model in there living room. It is detailed, which makes it even more interesting.

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