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Paradise Falls - From Pixar's UP


Adventure is out there!

9 years ago, Carl and Ellie Fredrickson painted their dream above their mantlepiece; a home above the magnificent Paradise Falls. If I were them, I would've loved to have my own Lego Paradise Falls miniature to immortalise my dream.

I decided to create this set based on my love for the movie, and this model invokes the memories of the movie's touching moments while being instantly recognisable. This set would make a wonderful addition to anyone's collection, and would be a great success as the love of UP has remained strong amongst viewers for nearly a decade now. This set also encapsulates what is arguably one of films most moving scenes: the beautiful relationship of Carl and Ellie.

The design of this set should be kept simple to suit both the size of the set and the animated nature of the source material. 

Set Details

  • 397 Bricks
  • 24 width by 16 length studs (base)
  • Falls drop down into the jungle brush below the clifface
  • Iconic rock spire (also known as Hoodoos or Fairy Chimneys) next to the Falls
  • Fredrickson Residence featured above the Falls with ballons
  • Plate for optional information on back

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