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Pac-Man Board Game


Pac-Man board game,


Pac-Man is a game you have most likely heard of, I am a big fan of old video games, I thought it was time to make one of the most iconic games alive, Pac-Man! So I have decided to make a physical version out of the beloved LEGO. Introducing The Pac-Man Board Game. I have included instructions if you want to play it for yourself. Here are the game rules,

Instructions to set:

Other pieces you will need are 17 1x1 tiles in yellow, green, orange, red, and blue. You will also need the rubber dice that comes with the old board game LEGO sets.

The next section is only too clear up some questions you guys might have. Just remember to support and help this project become a potential set!

The cherries story: The cherry that is included in the instructions is there simply for the nostalgic look and a placeholder, so you know where to put Pac-Man. I could not find an effective way to make it part of the fiscal game without forgetting to imply the rules while testing or thinking it will overpower the Pac-Man.  Originally I wanted to include a Key and an orange as well, Realizing I had to look them up to see if they really were in the game, I forfeit the idea. I realized some people don’t know that there was an orange, and most wouldn't know there was a key. I came to this conclusion when I had to ask my mom, who grew up with the game, what other items were in the game and ended up having to look them up because she wasn't sure. I still decided to keep the cherry however as it is an iconic part of Pac-Man and almost everyone identifies with the cherry.


Differences between the real game and this version,

There are 4 big differences one of them being addressed above.

The three T’s in the center column barely exist in the lego version. This is due to the size of the model as I wanted it to be 32x32 studs.

I (sadly) decided to leave out Pinky and replace it with a green one. The reason why is I wanted to put some of my favorite things into this build, one of them being I love the color green. (when I originally made the game I included the green ghost and not Pinky, but I liked the green ghost and I thought I should keep it. This is subset to change! I will be happy to change the color to pink if it is sincerely bothering you guys.

The placement of the Pac-Man is in front of the opening for the ghost. This is because I don’t want to overpower the Pac-man. If I start it in the correct position this will give Pac-Man too much of an advantage.

Once again please support this project and help it get to 10,000 supporters and even a potential product! thanks for reading! If you have any questions about the rules, or suggestions for stuff to add, I will gladly take them into account

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