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The Battle of Osgiliath

Another image update!!!! Rendered images coming "soon"!!!!

This is my take on the city of Osgiliath. I have tried to capture the scale and feel of the city by creating as many of the ruins as possible in a limited amount of space. While it looks too large to be a set, it has about 1,500 pieces, so in reality it is much smaller than many UCS sets we have seen. In this model, I have recently added extended use of the SNOT method (Studs Not On Top) to create the cobbled streets of Osgiliath, as well as helping the water look more realistic.

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Here you see the orcs storming the bridge.

here is my attempt at making a fell beast.

Faramir hides behind a pillar to ambush the orcs.

here are the minifigs.

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