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Ragnarok Online



Recreate your adventures in the online world offline with this LEGO Ragnarok Online set. Featuring the town of Prontera before it became a city, along with five iconic characters, Porings and more, this set will allow players and LEGO fans all over the world to experience the joy of Ragnarok Online.

I tried to mimic in-game graphics as much as possible, styling the buildings based off existing LEGO patterns while trying to keep as many unique elements as possible, such as the sun symbol from Prontera's Shaking Hands and the Stein symbol from the Prontera tavern etc.

Four modular buildings: better quality pics

  • Repair shop with smithy hammer inside
  • Hat shop with iconic hats
  • Tavern with iconic roof
  • Weapons stall

Six minifigures & four porings: better quality pics

  • Kafra
  • Sniper
  • High Wizard
  • Master Smith
  • x2 Prontera city guards
  • x4 porings: pink (poring), green (poporing), blue (marin), yellow (drops)

Proposed Piece count: 1600

:::RAGNAROK ONLINE USA - Coupon Voucher & Quest:::

  • Each LEGO Ragnarok Online set sold will include a coupon voucher redeemable for a very special in-game item
  • Each Ragnarok Online USA/Intl. server will have a special in-game quest that any player on Chaos/Classic/Thor can complete for a unique & iconic piece of gear