Product Idea

Lego Treehouse Series

The Lego Treehouses

There is a version in the Friends collection, but how about a more mature range of interesting architectural designs within the confides of a tree?

Each one can come with unique extras such as a tire swing, draw bridge, fireman's pole (in a hollowed out tree-trunk), or even a rope-bridge.

The minifigs could be both human as well as nocturnal animals such as Owls, Possums, Squirrels and Bats.

One set could even include a slide from the Tree-house, spiralling around the trunk and landing at the base.

I will add more designs as I .... design them.

Story idea for the series could be;
A small group of nerdy kids at Brickmont High hide out in their various treehouses to play games, do science experiments and even have sleepovers. But they are hiding out from the local gang of bullies - The Boofheads, who do everything they can to capture the nerds and steal their lunch money.