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Hello all and welcome to my very first Lego creation.

What motivated me to create this set is that for a long time, I've been wanting not only to design and build my own set but mostly to enjoy it with my 12-year old boy and have some fun time playing with it together.

My set is made of :

  • a 39cm x 22cm playfield (excluding goal cages)
  • 2 teams of 4 bars (10 players) per team
  • around a max of 1,000 pieces (exact count not yet finalized...)

I built it using pieces from my own Lego sets - that's why it does not look as "finished" as I'd like it to be (for example I wanted the playfield to be grass-green and not beige but I did not have enough plaques...). There's still room for many improvements and your "constructive" comments are more than welcome.

Finally (and maybe the most important aspect of it), it requires at least 2 people to play it to a maximum of 4 (fun is always better when shared with friends and family...).

Need to blow some steam off ? How about a game of Lego Foosball ?

Thank you for your support and comments.

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