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Galileo FOC Spacecraft


Thanks for the 1000+ votes!!!

Hi everybody,

It has been a while, so first of all many many thanks to all of you for looking at our little project and supporting, sharing and commenting. Special thanks to our colleagues at ESA, GSA and other partner institutions who also supported us on their websites.

We have been busy working on the actual satellites, but in the meantime, two beta-testers here have procured the bricks and built the first two LEGO models. Some improvements have been made and will be flown down to the next CAD model and parts list. We will upload some photographs of these models in the coming days.

For all of you who expressed interest in the parts list and instructions, we will provide them as soon as the update is complete. We hope that eventually many models will be built and end up on desks of the Galileo community members and enthusiasts all over the world.

Best regards,
Your GaliLEGO team