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Hot Rod Deuce Coupe

Designed for your Lego city, this Deuce Coupe street machine will blow the bricks off the competition!
These two mechanics have souped up their retro ride with dual pipes, fat tires, and a massive blown engine! Turn these two loose in your garage and no doubt you'll have a fleet of racing machines in no time!

Intended to retail in the $10.00 range, this set contains 101 bricks. One Hot Rod, two minifigs, and one set of shop tools.
I used the LDD exclusively as I do not own some of the parts required and have been unable to find them second hand, specifically the single piece cockpit. An extremely customizable set, this coupe could include extra pieces to build different engine styles or even closed hood "stock" models. So far I have eight engine variations as well as several color styles.

Care to go cruising?

While the grey scale is pefectly acceptable this rendering utilizes #315 Silver Metallic for the engine details. The skull hood ornament is definitely optional. (Although it is completely awesome!) A simple flat disc of matching color would make an excellent alternative.

Rear detail showing exhaust pipes.

The minifig clothing patterns display the general style I was hoping to achieve, but there may be better patterns not available to me in the LDD.
The tool cart was fun to design too, ultimately leading me to put together all kinds of shop tools for later use.

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