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Star Citizen Constellation

The 2945 RSI - Constellation from the famous Space Simulation Star Citizen.
"Who says you can’t iterate perfection? The astroengineers at RSI have taken three-time Whitley’s Best
Multi-crew Ship winner (2943, 2942, 2939) and raised the bar yet again. The Constellation team refused to rest on their achievements, instead they continued to run vigorous stress and performance tests on their ship, always looking for ways to make the best better, as well as consulting with the public to hear the issues and problems that the public discovered in their day-in, day-out use. The result? Over sixty design revisions including a shield generator from Behring, redesigned missile racks for a sleeker profile and a completely redesigned manned turret system, prove that the 2945 Constellation Andromeda is another benchmark in RSI’s continuing tradition of reliability, innovation and versatility.
Space is waiting for you."
The LEGO variant of the Constellation features:
- 2 Turnable turrets
- wide view window with beautiful cockpit
- 3 seats for best comfort
- lowerable cargobay
- movable thrusters 4x main
- openable wings to show the vtol thrusters 6x
- Elevator under the main body to get into the ship
- equipped with furniture and beds for long space travels
- at the back is a dockingport for a P52 Merlin (merlin not equipped)
Travel the stars with style, with the new 2945 LEGO RSI - Constellation

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