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Public Restaurant

During these certain times we all probably want to eat indoors in a fast food place or restaurant. Well I made this restaurant for fun. I built this project for fun and it was fun building it. I believe this would be a great LEGO set because well it has bright warm colors and it’s a fun play set to have and also it’s a great model to put up in your room. It has different play sets and also different character also it has things that you can play with. Characters are John, Jack, Ricky, Lucy, and Leeyum. Jack and Lucy are cooks, waiters, and all the jobs at the restaurant. Soon this place ok will be packed so they will need help (hint hint hint in a future updates.) And John, Ricky, and Leeyum are the first three people to eat there. There are playable things like the kitchen where you can make pizzas, cook fish, and cook hot dogs! And there can be seats for people who go solo or people with a good friend or people who go on a date. Doors are movable, characters have two faces, and a roof you can take off with out trouble, oh and also a brick separator if you need it. Ty for reading have a great day and while you’re here please support. Stay safe and keep on building.

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