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Lego Space Hovercraft


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This is my Lego Space Hovercraft.  I made it mostly out of gray pieces.  I put a computer in the cockpit of the ship, along with a steering wheel.  The Hovercraft also has guns on the sides in the front, so it can battle enemy ships as they approach.  In that back, it has a propeller with lights and a moving piece in the middle.  I put the engine in front of the windshield.  I used a gun piece for the exhaust pipe and grill covering the engine.  There is a chain in front and there are shark teeth sticking out of the top to intimidate the enemy.  In the back, it also has boosters to give it extra speed when it needs to make a fast get away.  I hope you like this project and support it.  I would like it to get to 10,000 supporters so that it can become an official Lego set. 

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