Product Idea

The Tree Doctors

The trees are sick and need help!

Have you also noticed? The many chases in Lego City Forest has damaged some trees. In order to recover the forest and that the animals and humans feel comfortable again, the tree doctors must do a good job.

After the break and of course a good cup of coffee, the tree doctors will start to heal the sick tree, even if it is necessary to cut off some of the ill branches and leaves. But they are not wasted, they will be shreddered to manure the ground. All tools they need are packed on the load area, as well as two canisters of gasoline and chainsaw oil.

Inspired by some of the last city trucks, I started to design different vehicles and some which maybe similar to existing ones. It took a few steps of evolution to finish that classic all terrain vehicle, but I hope you will share my enthusiasm of this model with all the features I took inside.

I hope this set becomes a good addtion to the existing line of the forest workers with their logging truck.

Now it's on to you to put this set on the shelves next year.