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The Watermill


The WaterMill

describe:this is a building in wood and stones.There is a wood door to the front of and to the roght back, there is another wood door who look on the potoon. To the left, there is a window. the roof was in wood. Behind the build, there is the mill.there are in a little waterfall. there is a fishergirl near the river.Behind the waterfall, there is a lot of vegetation. To the right of the build there is a picnic table. A little path in brown stones lead to the buildand the potoon. to the left of the build there is a lot of chaff. In the build, we have the mechanismwith gearings and the millstone who grind corn.

For build this lego I use news proceeding. I built this watermill because it's a built who can see in european plain. I create a lego easy to build and representative.